Vigaroo Press Release


Local charities find much needed help from an inventive Vigaroo.

Vigaroo Website Beta Launch April 2nd 2015

Local People, Local Charities, Local Businesses converge at bringing much needed donations to local charities and helping local businesses grow.

With a passion to help local charities Vigaroo is created. It all started with an audacious idea. Help local charities raise more money.

At the time the Three Co- Founders were working on projects involving local charities. We discovered there are so many wonderful charities, many lesser known than others doing such wonderful things in the communities they serve. And it hit us. What if these great charities that hardly anyone knows about could get more funding? Think of the great things that could be accomplished.

Here is how Vigaroo works. The Vigaroo Community nominates and vote each month for their favorite local charity. The top 3 charities can win 1st, 2nd and 3rd place donation prize from Vigaroo. The revenue comes from Vigaroo's unique business directory of local businesses with a purpose.

Vigaroo, "Local People, Local Charities, Local Business"

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