About Vigaroo

We created Vigaroo local to help small to mid-size businesses be found by local customers searching for the businesses and services they offer online.

Vigaroo local is the place for you, and the tool for you to tell your local community about your great business.

A Vigaroo local profile will help you create demand for your business. It helps you convey exactly what's different about your products and services. You can add review videos and inform your local customers where to find you on leading social media platforms to learn more about you. A Vigaroo local profile places your business where people are searching, online.

People search online for all kinds of products and services each and every day. The descriptive words you choose to describe your business in your profile are called keywords. The keywords are matched to the words potential customers enter into online search engines. Your business ranks higher because Vigaroo local technology helps get your unique keywords and basic business information picked up by search engines. But there is more, Vigaroo local uses not only your City and State for location but we include the County your city is located in. Because of this combination, Vigaroo local helps your listing really stand out when people are searching online for local businesses in their neighborhood.

Vigaroo local main office is located in Denver, Colorado. Vigaroo is owned by Vigaroo, LLC. The business name Vigaroo, is protected and has been awarded a Registered Trademark by the United States of America Patent and Trademark Office.

For more information about how to profile your business contact our support staff - or create your FREE business profile now.