Become a Vigaroo Business Partner

Partnering Opportunity With Vigaroo

Why Partner with Vigaroo?

Are you a small business owner with a deep desire to make the world a better place? Become a Vigaroo Business Partner.

Vigaroo uniquely promotes purpose-driven business. However Vigaroo not only promotes the businesses that give-back but Vigaroo LLC also gives-back as well.

A guaranteed 20% of every advertising dollar spent with Vigaroo will be given back, on a monthly basis, to a local charity. Each charity eligible for voting as a recipient of these funds will be screened for legitimacy. The total amount given will be clearly stated for your review on our Partners only website portal.

Our expertise in marketing, SEO and social networking will benefit your business by setting you apart from your competition. Vigaroo website users want to do business with businesses that support and give back to local charities and the local community. Vigaroo website is like no other business directory or listing in existence. All we do is feature; purpose-driven, passionate, cause focused business.

What does an accepted Business Partner receive?

  • A listing in the category or categories and plan you have chosen with Vigaroo.
  • A onetime welcome post to two social media organizations, upon successful payment.
  • Locally relevant Backlinks (SEO) from multiple spots within the Vigaroo website.
  • Locally relevant Citations from multiple spots within the Vigaroo website (Citations make up approximately 25% of local ranking factors).
  • Each partner will have the advantage of our ongoing public relations and marketing of the Vigaroo site.

What is included in listing?

Each Premier listing will include the following:

  • Company name (linked to company website).
  • Logo (linked to company website).
  • Large promotional background image.
  • All company contact information, including address links displayed for search engine crawling - and ranking.
  • Your own vigaroo landing page with company information and linking back to your website for maximum SEO value.
  • Multiple citations to increase your SEO ranking.
  • Multiple backlinks to increase your website SEO ranking.
  • Your Vigaroo page link will be submitted to Google, Bing, and Yahoo.
  • Your Vigaroo page links directly to your Social Marketing sites.
  • You will receive initial sign-up posts on Facebook and Twitter.
  • While offer lasts, You will receive monthly posts on Facebook and Twitter linking to your Vigaroo page.
  • As a Vigaroo local business partner, you are guaranteed limited exclusivity in your business category within the zone(s) and categories you have chosen to support. We call this the "Rule of Three".

Rule of Three: Read this carefully because this is AMAZING!

  • In each advertising category, there will only be three available slots for a partner to purchase. This is designed to allow our user community a choice of partner to do business with while keeping the partner business from being lost in a large list of advertisers. Nothing is worse for a partner than being 46 out of a list of 60+ advertisers in a list - people rarely go that low in a search engine or list and typically choose from one of the top three to five. Vigaroo has developed the "Rule of Three" to give our business partners a more equitable chance of being chosen to provide a service to our community users.

How the rule works:

  • If a partner wants to support the effort of Vigaroo and has been accepted to the list, there must be an opening in both the category and city of their choosing.
  • Each market is divided by cities. State lines will also be a market separator. All of this is based on geo-tagging technology.
  • A partner can choose to purchase multiple zones as long as there is an opening in their category. However, all placement on the list of three is based upon when you purchase your zone.
  • For example - Joe's hotdogs wants to be in all four zones. In zone one, he can be first because there is not another partner. In zone two, he will have to be second on the list because another partner has already placed in the #1 slot in that zone. If the other zones are available he has that ability to purchase those as well.
  • In the essence of equality, no advertising partner can purchase a higher slot in the zones nor will they be able to use Vigaroo to advertise "specials" that would possibly give them an unfair advantage.
  • However, a Partner can choose to pay an additional fee to have Vigaroo host a video spot (not to exceed :60) of a selling ad featuring their business and services.
  • Vigaroo encourages partners to provide additional incentives on their website should they choose to but that is entirely up to the partner and has no bearing on their listing with Vigaroo.
  • As a partner, you may want to choose more than one category if your business is diverse and offers services in multiple areas. For example you may be a Heating and Air Conditioning company - Thus you provide both A/C services and Furnace services - two distinct categories available within Vigaroo.

Expectations of Partners:

At Vigaroo, we want to help your business grow while establishing you as a benevolent partner to local charities. In doing so we ask only the following:
  • Your business must be in good standing with local authorities and fully licensed and bonded as necessary to your industry.
  • You agree to the "Vigaroo Partner Code Of Ethics" and conduct your business accordingly.

Vigaroo reservers the right to modify this offering at any time, without notice.