Learn More About The Vigaroo Community

Local people. Local Charities. Local business.

The Vigaroo community consists of people desiring to change the world. People, deeply aware of the vital role local charity plays in their communities. The Vigaroo community are people that want to see their favorite local charities succeed, grow and expand. However, the Vigaroo community consist of real people. People that shop, use local business and services day in and day out but that would prefer to do business with local companies and local organizations who are also charity minded.

A simple vote. A world of change:

When you become part of the Vigaroo community you get to help your favorite local charity each and every month. You have a voice and your voice can be heard within Vigaroo. With a simple vote you could be helping your favorite local charity receive increased donations. Vigaroo LLC donates 20% of it's monthly revenue to local charities. The local charity with the most votes wins 1st place in your local area. We have divided the donation winnings to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners. Each month; You vote, charity wins, Vigaroo donates to your favorite local charity. It's that simple. A simple vote. A world of change.

You need it. You find it. You change the world:

The Vigaroo community is made up of local people that need local business and services. Carpet cleaners, plumbers, roofers, website developers, accountants, realtors and restaurants to name but a few. Vigaroo business partners want to see local charities succeed and thrive just like you. So when the Vigaroo community, seeks Vigaroo business partners everyone benefits. Vigaroo members benefit, Vigaroo local business partners benefit and local Charities benefit.

Now, nominate your favorite local charity and let's change the world together!
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