Vigaroo Benefits Local Charity

Our goal at Vigaroo is both promoting business which give-back as well as being a company that gives-back.

We looked at the current state of contributions to small charities and knew that there had to be a way to help them that was easy for the charities. We know smaller charities often struggle to gain funds. Donor contributions, events and grants are their lifeblood.

Far too often, the smaller charities suffer when it comes to gaining grants and funding because they just don't have the ability to be heard.
Grant writing takes a tremendous amount of time and even then, the charity must wait, in general, a long time to receive the funds while all the applications are reviewed. While all this is happening, many of the small charities are concerned with keeping the doors open and providing the services that truly make a difference in our communities.

Vigaroo works with local businesses, that give back, we call them Partners. A portion of the monthly fees business pays to Vigaroo for advertising and the other related Vigaroo services are donated each month to local charity. Vigaroo donates 20% of every advertising dollar earned, each month to the charity with the most votes.

How does Vigaroo determine the winning local charities?

Vigaroo will verify suggested charities to ensure each organization meets all standards that have been set forth for each charity. We do this to make sure every single charity within the Vigaroo website is operating legally within the requirements of the law.

Once a charity has been approved and accepted by Vigaroo, the charity may promote Vigaroo to their donors directing them to the Vigaroo website and vote. Vigaroo will also promote your charity via social media seeking votes on your behalf. If your charity gets the most votes (where we currently have businesses advertising) your charity will be awarded the donation prize for that particular month.

Vigaroo awards 20% of all gross advertising revenue to local charities. Voting is allowed daily and donations are distributed the last day of each month for the previous month.